Expert Tips on COVID-19 Best Practices, Google curated YouTube playlist

First Hand Accounts, AMAs and Interviews

  • Account of Sarah Churgin, Hong Kong resident and zoological veterinarian, Facebook
  • AMA with Dr. Ali Raja, Vice Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mass General Hospital and Dr. Shuhan He, Emergency Medicine physician at Mass General Hospital, Reddit
  • AMA with anonymous physician from a UK HCID (high consequence infectious diseases) unit, Reddit
  • Interview with WHO Assistant Director General and veteran epidemiologist Bruce Aylward, VOX Media
  • Interview (audio) with Eric J. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D., Lindsey R. Baden, M.D., and Stephen Morrissey, Ph.D. on preparing for the spread of COVID-19, New England Journal of Medicine
  • Long thread with real-time comments from various on-the-ground medical professionals, Reddit
  • University of California, San Francisco Panel discussion of epidemiologists, immunologists and infectious disease researchers, LinkedIn

Personal Perspectives from Medical Professionals

  • Email to her family from Juliana Grant, MD MPH, Personal Blog
  • Summary of background, outlook and recommendations from Ian M Mackay, PhD and Katherine E Arden PhD, Virology Down Under Blog

Regularly Updated Confirmed Case Numbers

Fact Sheets and Other Reference Material

  • One page fact sheet entitled "What You Need to Know About the doronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19)," CDC
  • Comic/zine-style coronavirus explainer for children, NPR

Home Healthcare Recommendations

  • Suggestions for healthcare in a home setting, Reddit

Disinformation and Misinformation

  • Disinforation expert discusses how to sift through false information regarding the outbreak, FPRI
  • Project to donate unused computational resources to research efforts around 2019-nCoV, Folding@Home